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2017 Officers election has begun and continues through May 27

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Please consider nominating yourself or another qualified member for the open positions. Thank you

2017 candidates:

• President Position: Patti Varga
Love, Courage, Honor - Our founding values hold true today. The Delta Gamma At Large Chapter of STTI is a vibrant, growing organization of remarkable nurses. I have been priviledged to serve as the Alverno Faculty Counselor and now seek to move to the role of President. I believe in the power and wisdom of nurses and our chapter’s ability to facilitate and celebrate nursing scholarship, leadership, and service.

• Alverno Faculty Counselor – Open Position

• Vice President – Alverno Position: Ann Van Eerden
As the Vice President of Delta Gamma at Large, Alverno, I will continue to support the learning and professional development of our members. The mission of Sigma Theta Tau International is to serve, support, and improve. By providing the membership with development opportunities and supporting the mission of Sigma Theta Tau our nurse members will continue to improve nursing care.

• Secretary 2 year term – Open Position

• Governance: (2 positions available):
1 year term – Open Position
2 year term – Open Position

• Faculty Counselor – Alverno Position: Luanne Wielichowski
As a longterm member of the Delta Gamma Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau, I have the knowledge needed to determine candidates eligible for membership. I entered as a Community Candidate in 1995. As I reviewed my application from then, I developed 4 professional goals. These goals were congruent with the goals of Sigma Theta Tau and still ring true today. I value the development of individuals which potentiates the best they can be. Here I am 20 years later and I feel that this position will allow me to recognize future nursing leaders that will join and represent our organization with dignity and pride.

• Leadership Succession Position:
(2 positions available):
Leadership Succession (1 year term) Position: Patrick McNully
I have previously served on the STTI-DG chapter board on the leadership succession committee. I am interested in serving again in this role; So that I can give back to the nursing profession and to promote nursing research.

2 year term – Open Position


Attention all Delta Gamma at Large Members

The Board is Going for the 2017 Biennial Chapter Key Award and We Cannot do it without YOU!

Please copy and paste from your CV/Resume your July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2017 involvement in the following areas. Specify your name, credential, where you presented by EVENT name, city, state and dates, Title of your presentation and describe how you disseminated to other STTI members (locally) “the chapter”. Email your responses by June 1, 2017 to (mentor to the chapter and Chapter Key Coordinator!)

  • Member presented at Biennial Convention, International Nursing Research Congress, Regional or Consortia events or other official STTI events and shared the presentation with the chapter (STTI Only)

  • Member presented at professional nursing meetings, conferences or forums and shared the presentation with the chapter (non-STTI)

  • Member presented at interdisciplinary professional meetings, conferences or forums and shared the presentation with the chapter (non-STTI)


Sigma Theta Tau International - Delta Gamma At-Large Chapter

Awards Nomination 2017


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Awarded Every Year

Living Legend (1 selected by membership at-Large) Awarded Odd Years (2017)

Researcher (1 Alverno, 1 Marquette)

Clinical Practitioner (1 Alverno, 1 Marquette)


*Deadline for Nominations, April 30th

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2017 Inductees - Welcome to our leadership organization


Thank you for participating in our 2017 Joint Chapter Dinner Meeting

Thank you for participating in our Awards Banquet 2016


2016 DGAL Awardees: Nurse Educators - Diane Dressler and Judeen Schulte, Living Legend - Vivien DeBack
Nurse Administrators - Mary Ouimet and Tiffany Barta



Thank you for attending our open house


We welcome our new members and know they will bring energy, commitment and leadership to our organization.

We're moving forward!





Annual Election of Delta Gamma At-Large Chapter Leaders Is completed

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18th Annual Southeastern Wisconsin Nursing Research Conference

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 Carol Sabel, President

Our President's Letter

Winter, 2015

Dear Members of Delta Gamma At-Large,

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season and are now settling into the routine of a new year. As I was driving into work today I heard on the radio that January is the month of the most disputes in households as people start to get cabin fever. So this is something to keep in mind if you note yourself becoming a bit moody! Time to think of some ways to keep yourself busy and Delta Gamma At-Large has some great opportunities for you to do this.

On February 4th Delta Gamma At-Large, along with the other Sigma Theta Tau Chapters of Southeastern Wisconsin, will be holding our annual Joint Chapter Event. This event is always a wonderful opportunity for members to connect with colleagues and friends that we have not seen in a while. It also provides the chance to learn more about our great profession. This year’s event is entitled, “Nursing Roads Less Traveled” where a panel of speakers will provide us with information on the role of nurses in a variety of settings. The conference will be held at Alverno College starting at 5:30 PM. See the Delta Gamma At-Large website and Facebook page for more information and for how to register.

Our induction ceremony will be held on April 26th starting at 1:00 PM. Our induction ceremony is always a wonderful and inspirational event. It allows us the opportunity to celebrate with new inductees as well as serving as a reminder as to why we all became members of Sigma Theta Tau International. All members are always welcome and encouraged to attend. We are also looking for volunteers to assist in planning as well as to assist the day of the ceremony. If you are interested, you can contact any member of the board for more information.

Another upcoming event is the “Building Bridges to Research” Conference that will held at the Marquette campus on May 8th. Delta Gamma At-Large is a sponsor for this event and has a booth set up to provide visibility for our chapter. We are looking for individuals to help man this booth. It does not have to be all day, but can be broken into shifts so that all can enjoy everything the conference has to offer. We hope that you will take the opportunity to attend this great research event that is held so close to home, and if you would like to help at the booth, please contact a board member for more information.

As we move forward, we continue to examine past events and to explore areas for future growth. In November we held a Meet-n-Greet at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin to provide employees information about our chapter. We are planning another Meet-n-Greet at the Wheaton-Franciscan Health Care Organization for spring. This June, Sigma Theta Tau International will be starting a new biennium. Delta Gamma At-Large will be working to achieve a Chapter Key Award for this new biennium. We will be looking for volunteers to assist with both of these activities, so continue to visit the website and Facebook page for more details.

Finally, the time is coming to elect new officers to the board of Delta Gamma At-Large. If you or someone you know is interested in taking on a larger position within the organization, please consider this wonderful opportunity. Even if you are not that familiar with DGAL, you will be mentored by experienced board members. Watch for the nominations forms which will be out soon. Even if you do not wish to run, please be sure to vote for the elected positions within the next few weeks.

As you can see, we have been busy and still have work ahead. I am excited to move the chapter forward as we explore ways to recruit and retain active members. I hope to see you at some of the upcoming events!



Carol Sabel
Delta Gamma At-Large Chapter
Sigma Theta Tau International


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With this website, Delta Gamma demonstrates its commitment to and support of existing members and provides information to those that may be interested in joining. We are devoted to keeping abreast of recent technologies in order to make the most of our organization, and this site shows just how flexible and dynamic we are.

We are very excited about this valuable resource, and we hope you will take full advantage of it. We will be soliciting your feedback and hope to further develop the capabilities of our site.

Please help us provide leadership and scholarship in practice, education and research to enhance the health of all people.

For more information, please contact Carol Sabel, President.

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